SCIENCES: sustainability challenges for the
third millennium


Science and technology are posing challenges that were unthinkable until a few years ago,
demanding a radical rethinking of the relationship between man and the natural and social
environment. It is therefore necessary to build a new “human ecology” which, by bringing
together scholars of different types of training and positions, guarantees the indispensable
cultural tools for the training of professionals who can take care, in a critical manner, of our
“common home”.

Target audience of the course

Anyone with a three-year or four-year degree (old system) can access the Master


MODULE 1: Fundamentals of human ecology

Person and human ecology
The man-environment relationship between education and culture
Human ecology and sustainability

MODULE 2: Family and education

The challenges of education
Home, family and society
Beyond words: elements of philosophical communication

MODULE 3: From man to technology

Life, health and disease
The frontiers of biotechnology
Artificial intelligence and medical robotics
Network, technology and definition of the human element

MODULE 4: From technologies to humans

The human work of clinical practice and care
Emerging model of Hospital 4.0 and clinical data ethics
Health Communication

MODULE 5: Bioethics and rights

Philosophy of human rights
Bioethics and life stages
History of the definition of death
Bioethics and legislative challenges

MODULE 6: What’s changing in the world?

Personality and the knowledge in oriental philosophies
Migrations and integration processes
Globalized world and rights

MODULE 7: Science and faith: dialogues for the third millennium

Faith and science
Science and faith

Career opportunities

The Master in “Human Ecology and Life Sciences: Sustainability Challenges for the Third
Millennium” aims to train:

  • Experts in the field of ethics applied to life sciences, who can work in hospitals, research
    centres and bioethical committees.
  • Experts in the philosophy of rights with a view to sustainability, who can work in schools,
    help centres and social networks as a cultural mediator and promote activities aimed at the
    protection of the “common home.
  • Experts on the relationship between science and faith in a philosophical point of view.







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