What is Human Enhancement, and why is it good for our society?

16 Settembre 2020




It was one day like others when the 20th October 1890 Walter Leo was born. He was a young guy like others who used to spend his days with his older sisters Adelaide and Elsie. When he was 12, he joined the marine navy until 1916 when during the battle of Jutland he sustained terrible facial injuries. After going to the hospital, he was treated by Sir Harold Gillies, the first man to transfer skin from undamaged areas on the body. After this event, Walter Leo has been the first person to benefit from advanced plastic surgery and one of the first enhanced people ever.

But, What is Human enhancement?

According to Wikipedia, we could define Human enhancement as the natural, artificial, or technological alteration of the human body to enhance physical or mental capabilities. In other words, you can decide to change your own body to alter different capabilities that you want to change most. If someone wants to have a new face, like what happened with Walter Leo, now you can.
The main difference between an enhancement and a therapy is that the latest one is going to end and the first one has the aim to be there forever, or until it is going to disappear.
To understand the reason why Human enhancement is going to become more and more important, we should consider what happened in the past.

During The Fourth Dynasty of ancient Egypt, almost 5000 years ago, Egyptians used to think about themselves as the best society because they used to measure progress just thinking about the number and the dimension of pyramids. It has been the same with Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan with the dimension of their empire. They used to see other enemies, and they weren’t able to find someone better than them, it would have been impossible.
In a broader sense, we tend to do the same with money, that’s why Forbes lists are incredibly so important, people want to be inside that list to think about themselves as successful people.


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